Digital Marketing Planning

What works in one business might not work in another. Possibly because of many reasons. Failing to plan properly for your marketing¬†is automatically planning to fail even if you’re a marketing specialist.


Our work, as digital marketers, is then to analyze your business and assess what can work best in your context. and this is what we teach to our learners. You must stay on top with our lessons.

CalvinsTech classes equip you as a learner with modern techniques to ensure you have required skills and tools to plan and conduct marketing

The classes take place at your own convenient time and you can do them either remotely or in our offices.

Feel free to contact us for any query or call us anytime on 0706031920

We understand the Kenyan market and its dynamism. CalvinsTech awards authentic certificates that can help you be trusted and secure for jobs in online platforms or even start up your digital solutions business.