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With the rate at which the internet is taking over everything in the world, it is easy to say even the customers are not being left behind. From online shops, manufacturing industries, sports, government services, and everything left right is shifting to internet platforms. Definitely, users are also following the trend like you reading this article. That means at one or another  point you’ll need to get answers for the following questions:

  1. Which is the cheapest web designers in Kenya?
  2. Which is the cheapest web hosters in Kenya?
  3. Which is the best web designers in Kenya?
  4. Which is the best web hosters in Kenya?

The answers to these questions are simple. At Calvins , we understand money is scarce and should be used sparingly. But that should not prevent one from getting a quality service at any moment.  Could be you are that person who has his or her business, at your local are you have advanced enough, you now need a step further that is looking for a good web designer or programmer. This as well translates to looking for the best web hosters in the country. And now to tell you the answer to the questions is that we are here for that purpose, and these are our reasons:

Reason/features we are the best/cheapest web designers/hosters in Kenya

  1. Our web design services begin from only Ksh 2000. Yes! Just from what little we can get you online without any problem while considering all the features of a quality website.
  2. We partner with the cheapest web hosters to give you the best. Honestly, that is a key value of us, we want you to make great things without having money stress. With unlimited space, free https security to the free domain for your life are some of the best services you’ll ever get.
  3. We are a reputed company: if you look at what our past customers speak of us, you’ll definitely know we can are the best web designers in Kenya. Those praises don’t come for anything.
  4. Business Growth. Besides providing the service you pay us for, we continue to monitor your site, provide helpful insights for your business in an online platform using our experience. We do this until you are stable to go on your own.
  5. We never get tired of revising your website. Here you are our boss, and whenever you are not happy, we too become sand. So whenever you see somewhere that needs correction, we’ll be there to help for free.


We cannot exhaust the list of the factors, but for today the five are enough. Please subscribe to our blog to receive more and more. Otherwise, we simply mean we want to serve you with your digital solutions in online platforms without breaking your sweat.

We have one award on best website solutions to upcoming programmers that we’ll avail soon.

Please contact us if you have a question.

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