How to Enjoy Learning Programming Languages


It happens to everyone. When you make the first bold move to try out learning the programming languages, it is really an uphill task. At times on the way, you might freak out and drop if forever. However, there are secrets that can make your coding life easier and enjoyable. You will reach a point where it is rather fun than stress, of course at some instances you will have to worry. So today I decided to make this article on how to make coding easier and enjoyable.


  1. Follow a simple protocol. You might be over curious and wants to know how to build a website or an app so soon. However this will only frustrate, it won’t help. Focus on the following order: HTML first, CSS, JavaScript, PHP and so on and so forth. When you start with CSS for instance before learning HTML, I can assure you will run away, you won’t be able to get what you are styling since in simple terms CSS is all about styling the HTML you already know.
  2. Take your time. As I’ve said, hurrying will only frustrate you until you run away. Just be disciplined to yourself and calculate how much time you will need to grasp one language before next. For instance, as a beginner, I would recommend you a whopping 3 months in HTML. Of course, you might finish the lessons within one week or two since you’re hardworking. But don’t give in to the temptation to proceed. Take more time to go through your notes again and again. I would recommend taking a playground and practicing the coding for at least 3 weeks after lessons completion. This will give you enough time to turn all the stones. And make coding enjoyable rather than punishment.
  3. Learn Coding with us. We have set up a ground where we teach for absolutely free. We don’t make profits from the small fee we charge, it only helps us with the resources we use to carry out the lessons. Click here to contact us.


I did not learn programming languages¬†in the University; in fact, I’m a graduate accountant. But right now I can boast of languages like HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, C++ Tutorial, Python 3 Tutorial, Java Tutorial, and Ruby. Of course, I’m still learning more. I really enjoy playing with the languages and seeing results out. This should encourage you that they are really thrilled to master.


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