Why Take Your Business Online


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Traditionally businesses did not need to be run by any website, this is because there was less internet usage together with fewer technologies to support. But now with the digitization; smartphones, tablets, iPhone, laptops etc coming up and quite affordable to almost everybody in the world of today, it means more people are using the internet and therefore a large market to businesses.

So I have compiled a number of reasons why your business should and have to go digital:

Reasons to Take Your Business Online

  1. Equity and Equality: On the internet, there is no big fish and small fish, all the businesses are equal. The way a small kiosk owner can engage millions of Facebook users is the same way a mall can and likewise the way big international businesses like Alibaba etc. While bigger businesses can have the power muscle to run bigger ads, a small business will also be able to do so in an area equivalent to the size of the businesses bringing more profits per unit. Small businesses owners can as well engage multiple groups online especially on Facebook which big business enterprises do not always do.
  2. Reaching far and wide: physical shop or offices can only serve up to a certain geographic location. There is no way one can travel miles of distances to come and inquire prices of say a phone. But on the other hand, going online has many advantages like people are able to get the specifications of a product like a price by simply searching on the internet or contacting you through your contact pages, messenger, twitter, or email found on your website. In fact, the information you post on your website can even be accessed worldwide; there is no limit and with the advent of shipping of products, you can sell to anywhere you like offering a big opportunity for growth.
  3. Analysis tools: Sometimes with the traditional way of doing business, you will have to hire a professional to analyze your business metrics; while that is still a good thing, it is no longer necessary, you can now analyze your business along with the tools available online that do most of the job for you.
  4. Digital Marketing: traditional marketing like Tvs, billboards, newspapers etc was very bias, only the big fish could afford and maintain, the small fish were forced eat humble pie. Fortunately, the internet came, with just few coins you can run successful ads on Google, Yahoo, Facebook,Twitter,Instagram etc just like the big enterprises can do it.

How to Go Online with your business

There are hundreds of ways you can use to upgrade your investment to online; some of them are:

  1. Social Media; this is the best for a beginner. You can create page for in Facebook and access many business features. Other platforms are also very good.
  2. Hosted website; very ideal for online; we can help you create one; cheap and quality, contact us here
  3. Marketplaces; you can become a vendor in other eCommerce websites and enjoy their marketing and brand. Do you need one? Join here


With the ever-increasing number of people using the internet it is fair to say the future of any enterprises is online; may in years to come nobody will be able to sell without an online presence. There are a number of ways to have an internet presence and its good to start with social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc and then move a hosted website with the name of the business as the brand.

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