8 Reason Why you should Start Buying Online


While comparing the advantages of buying from your favorite shop/mall that is just a few meters away from and buying online could be difficult; I want to try my best to show you doing it on the internet is the real deal today. You should know that buying from a shop close to you is convenient and reliable in terms of the security of your money. Also, there are many internet scammers that if you don’t tread could carefully while online, you might end up losing your money. The two reasons plus shipment fee are the only common disadvantages of buying from websites.

Reasons to Buy Online

Anyway, here are a few reasons as to why you should start buying online:

  1. You are able to compare prices and choose the best. In reality, it might be very difficult to walk from shop to shop comparing the prices and then later coming back to where you started since it has the lowest price. On the other hand, while on the internet you can easily shift from one website to another looking for favorite price and then committing to it.
  2. Discounts.  As much as you can bargain for prices on the physical shops, the majority is not always easy. Nevertheless, today we have a number of websites that are really competing to be the price leader, therefore, at one point you will be sure to get a good discount. This is usually through coupons that you can win in different places.
  3. Proper customer care. Due to competition, the best customer care wins most customers. Therefore all the business online strive to be the leader here.
  4. Gifting friends and relatives. Let us say you live in Kakamega and you want to send a gift to your friend who lives in Mombasa, it will be easier to order a product from a business based in Mombasa like SANSOKO and get the good delivered in no time.
  5. Goods can be delivered to your doorstep. Most online shops like Sansoko do door to door deliveries, therefore, you won’t carry any luggage.
  6. It keeps evolving. With the ever-changing technology, online businesses keep evolving with practices that make the work of the customer easier day by day.
  7. You have a chance of checking reviews before making the decision. Probably there is someone who always used or bought the product you want to buy. The advantage of buying from websites is that customers will always submit the review of their experience when purchasing or using the product. This will give you the strengths and weaknesses of the product to help you make your buying decision.


There may be crooks who appear online to destroy the good thing. It is actually a good decision to purchase from the internet though. In fact, it is enjoyable to order a product i.e from China and see it delivered to your door-step in Nairobi. Enjoy it but carefully.

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