Difference between M-Pesa Pay Bill and Till No (Buy Goods)

One of the most trending things in Kenya in the world of business are the two leading payment options that are provided by Safaricom. Not until recently that one could walk into a shop and pay for the items purchased via mobile money. However, Safaricom has not only made this possible but also made different options for better results. Pay Bill allows the organization to collect cash from customers through Mpesa on a regular basis; While Till number simply allows customers to buy and pay for goods.

On usage; on the M-Pesa menu, one has to select Paybill option for Pay Bill or Buy Goods for Till Number for him/her to use the two respectively. Another difference is that the company pays for the cost of the transaction when it comes to Till Number while in Pay Bill the customer bears the cost. Also in Pay Bill, the customer usually has an account that is prescribed and whenever the payment is made, the organization is able to tell who paid. This is not the case with till numbers.

Buy Goods

  • This first option is preferable for customers who walk in and buy goods over the counter and go.
  • Money can be withdrawn from the account through personal MPesa accounts or banks at the owner’s discretion.
  • Customers are not charged to use Lipa na M-PESA when purchasing goods or services.
  • Businesses are charged a flat rate of 1.5% per transaction.
  • There is a low withdrawal limit; from as little as sh 10.
  • There are no maximum millions a business can hold in their account.
  • Businesses can access and interact with their account via a rich web platform
  • To register, businesses need a valid copy of their business certificate, trading license or business permit as well as a copy of the ID/Passport of the owner or one of the directors.

Pay Bill

  • You have to select pay bill option on the Mpesa menu
  • It is appropriate for customers who are account holders with the organization
  • Better for remote payments such as utility bills, loan repayments, etc.
  • Withdrawal can only be done via the bank.
  • There is a minimum amount required to transfer the money to the bank which is Ksh 50 000
  • Pay Bill numbers have multiple tariffs, which businesses can choose from depending on whether they wish to absorb the transaction fee, share the transaction fee with the customers, or pass the entire transaction fee on to their customers.
  • Businesses are required to install an M-PESA certificate on their computer before they can access the M-PESA web platform.



































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